Thermo-Flex Technologies’ smart fabric has the ability to manage personal comfort by providing an active cooling effect.


Many clothing manufacturers incorporate micro porous particles directly into the fibers of their products to help evaporate sweat faster to keep you cool and dry. This is a passive approach to cooling.

Thermo-Flex’s smart fabric uses an active approach to managing personal comfort. Embedded thermoelectric modules are wirelessly controlled to actively transfer heat away from your body.

How Does The Technology Work?

Heat is redirected away from the body to keep your body temperature at a desired comfort level. Thermo-Flex technology can be integrated into nearly any fabric that makes contact with human skin.

Embedded thermoelectric modules regulate temperature of the fabrics to create a ‘smart fabric”. Wireless connectivity provides temperature control and real time information regarding the material. Thermo-Flex’s patented system can be integrated into various products at the OEM level without altering manufacturing processes.

  • Cover interconnects thermoelectric legs
  • Foam core isolates hot and cold sides
  • The direction of the electrical flow determines which side is hot and which is cold
  • The Direction can be controlled and switched within the same system

Thermo-Flex has developed its technology into a flexible, soft foam material that can be integrated into products without comprising comfort. This means that Themo-Flex’s smart fabric is more ideal for wearables, such as apparel, than any other thermoelectric cooling system on the market.

Key Benefits: