A Unique Cooling Smart Fabric

Fabrics surround us -- clothes, upholstery, carpeting and more -- while they provide aesthetic appeal they contribute little to our increasingly interconnected technological lifestyles.

What if fabrics could play an active role in managing our thermal comfort needs?

Consider outerwear like sports coats, jackets, or pants that could adjust to the changing weather of the day and maintain our thermal comfort.

What if we didn’t have to sacrifice “looking good” for feeling comfortable?

What if our bed or chair or sofa were able to provide personal comfort as we slept or worked?

Thermo-Flex Technologies has developed a patented smart fabric that can efficiently manage your personal comfort. This innovative cooling technology is flexible, breathable, sewable and can be integrated into a broad range of products.


Thermo-Flex Technologies’ smart fabric has the ability to manage personal comfort wirelessly by providing an active cooling effect.


Mattresses, office furniture, suit jackets - Endless cooling applications are possible with Thermo-Flex!

Our Team

Experienced professionals with years of manufacturing and product development experience.