Chuck Widhalm


    As a dedicated technology solutions sales executive, Mr. Widhalm brings 32 years of experience in commercial and DoD RF and wireless systems development to the team. Mr. Widhalm is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, South Dakota.

    Mr. Widhalm has built high performing sales teams throughout the United States. Utilizing his technical background, team building and the ability to build long term relationships with customers. Most recently, he has been focusing his attention on the promotion of various RF subsystems and components, including high performance Fiber Optic and RF cables – connectors to the military/defense, commercial and wireless infrastructure market.

    During his tenure at Texas Instruments’ Defense Systems and Equipment Group, Mr. Widhalm managed multiple R&D teams establishing emerging technologies, resulting in lower cost solutions for premier DoD RF defense systems. Mr. Widhalm co-authored and presented a paper at the 1993 ARPA Symposium as part of the Raytheon-Texas Instruments Joint Venture titled “Application of a Statistical Design Process to Increase Predicted GEN-X Module First Pass Yield”. This paper was also selected as one of 4 papers to be presented, out of 140 submitted, at the TI Technical Ladder Recognition Day in 1994.

    While at Texas Instruments, Mr. Widhalm established an organization to convert their defense & security technology to a commercially viable entity, establishing a field sales, installation and maintenance organization generating M of revenue within the first two years.

    Mr. Widhalm has focused on analyzing major cost drivers, new products, product enhancements, and new markets to increase revenue and profitability utilizing predictive and preventative maintenance concepts for energy management programs within several Fortune 100 companies. He has established multiple relationships with software and hardware manufacturers in various industries to bring technology showing predictive maintenance, remote control and monitoring to the forefront of the decision making process.

        Frank Oliver


        Frank is a physicist cross trained in both electrical and mechanical engineering with broad business experience in a wide range of technology. As a technology executive, with many years of industry experience in various executive roles including Chief Engineer, CTO and CEO, Frank has been involved with both commercial and government technology programs and start-up planning and execution. Notable industry activities include: Principle Investigator on SBIR Programs in Smart Grid, Systems Health, and Software Based Decision Support for systems engineering; Product and service development leading to corporate diversification and growth; Engineering and Research Engineer for Laser Systems; Energetic Materials; and Titanium processing through the DARPA Titanium Program.

        Frank represents ATV as an entrepreneur in residence at The Oregon Health & Science University. He has also served as a participant in advisory boards for the University of Arizona, including; Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise (JGRE), strategic planning for US Navy adoption of Alternative Energy Systems; and for development of UAS Standards with the RTCA, an advisory organization for the FAA. In the aerospace industry, Frank is familiar with DO-160, DO-178, and DO-254 qualification standards for aircraft systems and equipment and ISO and AS9100 quality systems.

            Dr. Jesse Jur


            Dr. Jesse Jur is an Assistant Professor of Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science at NC State University’s College of Textiles. He received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from N.C. State and has spent the last 12+ years researching primarily at the nanoscale, including experiences in the semiconductor and opto-electronics industries. His research focuses on integration of novel materials that enable enhanced platforms in electronic systems within a textile construct.

                Mark D. Losego


                Professor Mark D. Losego is a faculty member in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).  Dr. Losego has expertise in materials development for electronic, optical, and thermal applications and has published over 60 scientific papers in prominent peer-reviewed journals.  Dr. Loesgo’s research team focuses on solving challenges in materials systems that combine organic and inorganic components for renewable energy, microelectronics, and/or national security technologies.

                    Raju Ankireddy, Ph.D.


                    Krishnamraju Ankireddy is a Materials Scientist with 5+ years of experience in material synthesis and ink formulations for printed electronics applications. Krishnamraju has interdisciplinary background in Physics, Materials Science, and Surface Chemistry. He is currently developing cost­effective and large scale manufacturing of conductive nanomaterials for roll to roll processing, and also developing novel routes to synthesize semiconductor nanomaterials for various applications such as flexible OLEDs and TEGs. Krishnamraju finished his PhD in Materials Engineering and Science from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and Masters in Materials Science from Missouri State University.

                        Stephen Litsas

                        Technical Advisor

                        Stephen Litsas is a Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California. With experience on some of the largest infrastructure projects in America, he has tackled a variety of unique challenges and has been a part of major design feats. Areas of expertise include: Pavements, Construction Detailing/Techniques, Sustainable Design, Utilities, Roadways, and Water. He has consulted on areas related to building material properties, building material designs, corrosion reduction measures, and sustainable energy harvesting techniques. He holds a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, being published in areas related to innovative transportation designs. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.

                            Nathanial Reeves

                            Technical Advisor

                            Nathanial has  37+ years of professional engineering experience in the Semiconductor industry – working in Product and Test Development.  Developed new packaging methodologies to help the manufacturing flow, customer perceived quality and production cycles.  Nat worked with the Design community to improve test-ability, reliability, defect rates and time response.  Of equal importance, is the fact that he developed over (100) test solutions from concept to implementation.  He has worked to develop production capabilities at third party test and assembly sites.

                            Nat is able to build excellent relationships with colleagues and senior management and has lead multinational teams to ensure efficient progress of work within the stipulated time frame and budget.  He holds a Master of Computer Science degree from San Jose State University.  Nat also has taught Computer Science and Engineering courses at two universities in California.

                                Jarett Rinaldi

                                Technical Advisor

                                Jarett Rinaldi is a seasoned Mechanical Engineer with 18+ years in the semiconductor and test sectors.  Currently, Jarett works as a consultant providing expertise to companies with Design and Innovation Engineering.  Specializing in Engineering characterization, Product Development, Project Management, and Supplier Management. Jarett is effective team leader that combines technical, analytical, and business skills to manage projects to success.   He prides himself in a “fundamentalist and simplistic” problem solver to complex problems.   Jarett earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University.

                                    Corey Park

                                    Strategic Advisor

                                    Mr. Park is a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP), with additional (CHP) certifications at the highest level in Portfolio Analytics & Risk Management. He also attended the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business (Leadership & Management) and has served in executive leadership positions for over 20 years. Mr. Parks has closed several acquisitions and multimillion-dollar lines of credit from hedge funds; as well as negotiated and/or closed many mergers, strategic partnerships, license and/or sponsored research agreements and joint ventures. As an experienced practitioner of business strategy, he has read, studied and applied numerous books and countless articles relating to business strategy (According to the Wall Street Journal, the most sought after executive skill set is strategic thinking).

                                      • 2nd Aug, 2015