The global smart fabrics market was valued at USD $1.72 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach USD $9.3 billion by 2024. North America has the largest market for smart fabrics #1 US, #2 Canada (Mordor Intelligence).

Used as a Cooling Technology - the possibilities are endless:
  • Mattress consumers’ #1 complaint is overheating while sleeping. No more hot and sleepless nights!
  • Summer car travel can lead to sweaty backs and legs. Thermo-Flex can help cool your backside while you drive!
  • Imagine a suit jacket that cools you on a hot summer day!
Additional Market Applications:
  • Office furniture
  • Gaming haptic suits
  • Military uniforms and armor
  • Athletic gear 

Thermo-Flex is set to revolutionize the smart fabrics industry. It’s our goal to help keep people cool and comfortable throughout their day to day activity.

Stephen Litsas, Chief Operating Officer